Street Outreach

If you or someone you know could utilize Drumm Farm's Street Outreach services, please fill out a referral form and someone will be in touch soon. 

Drumm Farm provides trauma-informed, culturally competent support services to youth and young adults struggling with maintaining stable housing across eastern Jackson County. Drumm employs a case worker and therapist who will provide outreach in local schools, community agencies, libraries, and other community locations to conveniently offer youth an array of services and resources that will provide them with a path to securing basic needs, gaining housing stability, achieving educational and employment success, and preparing to transition to healthy, sustainable adulthood.

Drumm is working in partnership with Synergy Services and reStart,Inc. to ensure youth across Jackson County have access to these services.

Youth who enroll in the Drumm Youth Outreach Services Program will have the option of benefiting from the following services:

Case Management

A full-time case worker will be available to meet regularly with youth to provide support and resources such as hygiene items, clothing, food, health care, housing, employment, education, emotional well-being, peer support, goals planning, and transportation.

Counseling Services

A full-time therapist will be available to meet regularly with youth to address life experiences and challenges related to trauma, self esteem, depression, anxiety, substance use/abuse, safe/healthy choices, relationships, and more. Youth will receive services in locations most convenient and appropriate for them.

Stationary Drop-in Meetings

Once a week, youth will be invited to attend a group meeting at Drumm Farm's main campus or other community location where they can connect with peers and Drumm staff, and receive a meal, support services, life skills building information, and resources to meet basic needs.


Youth can learn more and enroll by contacting Drumm Farm at 816 373 3434 and asking to speak to Drumm Outreach Services staff.